A Word About Us

We are a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit dedicated to raising funds to support cancer patients through survivorship programs

What We Do

It all started with Sean

Diagnosed with a rare form of a rare cancer at the age of 21, Sean Meehan faced numerous obstacles to get treatment. Cancers like his were difficult to treat and the prognosis was grim. Sean's family and friends quickly set out to work and researched options, fought with insurance companies, and took turns caring for him as he underwent chemotherapy and surgery.

Sean realized that getting diagnosed was the easy part. There were many resources devoted to cancer research but not many devoted to navigating the maze of decisions and assistance related to care. As he slowly recovered, he set out to find organizations that would support patients and their caregivers with programs and found that many didn't deliver on what they promised with much of their donations spent on executive salaries and administration costs.

An idea struck and a non-profit was born. Sean serves as the vice-chairman of the board for Strength and Hope Foundation and seeks opportunities to partner with other non-profits. Sean's goal and our mission is to support programs that offer practical and meaningful assistance to anyone receiving a cancer diagnosis and their families.


Meet Sean

Its been a few years since I was lucky enough to hear the magic word: Remission.

But before I heard that word, the journey was indescribably painful. From hospital stays over the holidays, infusions, and emergency room visits to trying to adjust to a new normal. Finding a job, reconnecting with friends, dating...all things that are difficult without help.


I'm grateful for the services that helped me and my family navigate and I know that many survivors struggle to find assistance. I spend too much time reading tax filings for other organizations and I want to make sure good people get connected to good programs. 

When I'm not researching other non-profits, I love meeting new people who want to support our cause. If you are going through cancer, or love someone who is,  send me a note and lets talk.


Programs We Support

We love meeting people who support our mission through the programs they offer. If you know of a non-profit that offers services or programs for cancer survivors and their families, we want to hear about it.

Some of the programs we support

Abramson Cancer Center, Patient and Family Services

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Make a Wish of Greater Pennsylvania and West Virginia

American Cancer Society

Battling Life Together

Brenner Children's Hospital

Kids of Childhood Cancer

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